Mar 22, 2024
46 min
Episode 4

Buying a Side Hustle Adds $3K a month to his Income | Brock Groesbeck

Brock Grossbeck shares his experience acquiring two businesses, Deep Cuts Lawn Care and a Murphy Bed business. He started with Deep Cuts Lawn Care, a small business he bought from his uncle for $4,000. He worked part-time on the business while still employed full-time. In the first season, he made an extra $3,000 a month by mowing lawns three days a week. He then transitioned to running the business full-time.

Later, he acquired the Murphy Bed business with the help of family funding.

Brock shares his day-to-day activities and offers advice for others interested in acquiring businesses.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:02 Acquiring Deep Cuts Lawn Care

09:07 Transitioning to Full-Time

28:34 Running Two Businesses

43:40 Advice for Others

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